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We started as two college students that wanted more from our lives.
We traveled the country shooting photos for paintball teams and experienced a life outside of campus.
We just wanted to travel the world making content, and that became our lives. We created from the only authentic thing we could feel— pain. Not even realizing how powerful that was.


Following a near death car accident on Mothers day, we realized that we’d rather spend our lives chasing a dream than wondering “what if”.
We spent the summer working jobs to afford enough money to buy a brand new computer and a gimbal to start our junior year.
We couldn’t find a photo of the crash so here’s a meme.
We won an award for the very first short film we ever produced. The “risk” wasn’t much of a risk anymore. So we put our heads down and we worked.
During the new school year we grinded hard. 12 hours a day, 90% doing videography and 10% college work.


Jan 2018, we took out a loan and flew 7 people to Los Angeles. We wanted to see what would happen if we took people out of their comfort zone.
The second we started making money, we spent it all. Not on leisure, but on the first of our multiple experiments, relentlessly trying to understand the problems with young people.
Summer 2018 our very first short film was shown at the Cannes Film Festival. The world became a lot bigger. We could’ve left with 50k, but lost it.
The experience of being around that level of business was fuel. We wanted to come back with something to actually offer. We’re definitely coming back to canne to do business, not watch it happen.
We launched our 4th film and got over 30k views with zero paid marketing.
The peak of our content creation. This film was a send off to what could’ve been. From this point forward we shifted our focus away from being content creators, not because we wanted to, but because it had to happen.
Focused 100% on building the production company.
Learned the 3 principles of business we live on now:
Seeing our logo on billboards and sponsorship banners was sick.
One of the founders drops out of school to pursue the business full time.
We built so much momentum during the summer. We tried to find a balance, but our priorities were clear. At it’s worse, we were commuting back and forth from Virginia Tech  to DC every 2 days.


We focused on ourselves and moved even faster. Within the first 5 months of the new year, the company officially broke 6 figures.
But there was no purpose.
Another serious car accident became a wake up call for Alex.
Life is short but, why? It reminded him of when he started. He knew that things needed to change, but they weren't changing. This set us in motion with a completely rekindled purpose.
Then Midnite BBQ happened.
We took being digital native for granted. What was common sense to us was not common sense to others. The first time we incorporated marketing into the business was with midnite. It was the first case study and it definitely set the tone through the year.
We ended 2019 on a cliffhanger. New team, bigger aspirations. Bigger targets.


Although still being written.
Our team grows even bigger.

Lets be friends.

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