Giving the Bison a reason to rumble.
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Howard for the past couple of years had been trying to revamp their entire sports program. With one of the top basketball players playing for Howard, there was pressure to not just play hard, but to look the part as well.
Content Production
With the addition of a new jumbotron, Howard needed a piece of content that was going to better engage fans and start a tradition for the games going forward.
We saw the disconnect between the students and the staff. Nobody could really communicate what they wanted so we made that our focus.
After long conversations, we came up with a vision that was school approved but also approved + loved by the students.
We had to keep with the times, so it was easy for us to know what music + aesthetic to pic for the girls + guys basketball teams.
2 years of high quality intros that have become a staple in HU basketball culture.

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