Bringing new communities into DC for a celebration of food and culture.
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We came in to help the team turn their struggle with ticket sales to a successful festival.
We consulted against all of their efforts and designed a solution around the gaps. Yes, they needed marketing, but that was only part of why they weren’t selling tickets.
Consulting + Strategy, Digital Advertising, Influencer Marketing, Content Production
20 days out from the festival and with a completely new audience to find and convert, we had to break down the value of the festival until we knew exactly who it would resonate with.
We built ad campaigns for ticket conversions and brand awareness, while simultaneously creating an aftermovie during the festival explicitly for media collateral for the coming years.
We had to understand the social media presence, the source of the current ticket sales, and the possible avenues to reach more communities outside of the current one.
In just 20 days, We built ad campaigns for ticket conversions and brand awareness. We also thought ahead for media collateral next year and developed a festival aftermovie.
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