Launching our mission-inspired community with a digital campaign
We needed a way to give back to our generation.
We needed a focus group to give diversity, accountability, and credibility to our perspective and insight into Gen Z. The Kinyu was the result.
Content, Strategy, Digital Advertising, Brand Architecture, Experiential, AR, Merchandise Design
We had just 4 days to do organic marketing, a $0 advertising budget, no brand footprint, and really high expectations.
Average Engagement Rate
We launched the digital community with a series of flyers, an AR filter, and a virtual workshop teaching college students how to navigate COVID-19.
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Job placement rate for students
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A Workshop for College Students
Kinect goes digital.
Students are even more lost than they were before COVID-19. Especially college students, how do we create a virtual event where we can help them find a job or at least have them leaving with some sort of direction?
We created a free zoom webinar to give students tips on how to use Linkedin and to not only find their passion, but also find their niche + find a job in this crisis.

And we made an AR filter for instagram to promote the event.
4 Days before the event, we had 11,229 overall impressions, 805 uses and 29 shares on the instagram filter.

The day of the workshop, we had 117 overall attendees, and 76 concurrent views.